Thursday, January 19, 2012


Perry just loves Fishy so so much

so cute
happy as a clam, even in the early morning!

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Things I want to remember

1. He ends every question or statement with a name, like "Fisher ride golf cart too momma" or "what's that momma?" or "I did it daddy!". I hear my name 500 times a day.
2. When he refers to himself he hits himself on the chest
3. He loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and calls Goofy "Goof Goof"
4. He loves being at the lake and riding the golf cart around over and over
5. He stays up way too late every night
6. He gives really good hugs and kisses, although sometimes he leads the kiss with his tongue and slobbers all over you
7. He tells us he loves us and it melts us
8. His favorite meal is creamy pesto tortellini which is calls "tb"
9. He calls his yellow blanket "baby"
10. He chipped his tooth when he tried to lay on the back of the couch like Chopper
11. He hates to get his diaper changed and sometimes you end up wiping his butt while it's in the air and you only have a hold of him by one ankle
12. He's a great big brother already, giving kisses to Perry on the head
13. He's already tried to divert attention away from his dirty diaper by saying that Perry pooped
14. If he's fighting you on anything you can usually get him to do it by challenging him to a race to do it
15. He repeats himself over and over again even if he already got the answer he was looking for
16. He loves talking about choo choo trains but doesn't really play with them all that much
17. He is starting to really like real cars, and when we see a cool sports car or something he'll ask me, "I ride that car momma?". I have to say, "no baby, we have to drive the kia". What a let down.
18. He always seems excited about everything, "whoa momma baby got all wet" while he is pouring his icee all over the blanket. "Yea playground" "Yea Lyla, Yea Zander" when going to play with friends.
19. He is pure boy, loving to wrestle and rough house.
20. Wakes up happy 95% of the time and as long as he gets some apple juice and Mickey Mouse first thing he stays pretty happy

1. He's 2 1/2 months old but really only 11 days old, confusing.
2. Since he got the blood transfusion he's more alert and cries a lot more when he's hungry or uncomfortable
3. He loves to be cuddled with
4. He's a little piggy, already more than doubling his birth weight and not slowing down
5. He grunts all the time, and we're still trying to figure out what they mean
6. His neck is getting stronger but still needs some work
7. He looks you in the eye and holds it
8. He's got really chubby cheeks
9. 0-3 month onesies finally fit him, it's nice to see the premie ones go (they look like they belong on a doll)
10. He's a tough little guy who has gone through so much already but just reminds me every day that we are so lucky

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Safari Park

From 2011-06-25

From 2011-06-25

From 2011-06-25

From 2011-06-25

From 2011-06-25

From 2011-06-25
This Safari park was absolutely hilarious! I think that I had just as much fun, if not more, than Fisher. The animals are everywhere (I'll have to add pics of that later-these were the only ones easily accessible). This giraffe just popped his head right in the sunroof. I looked away after giving him the first carrot and looked back just in time to see a huge black tongue in my face. It freaked me out! Fisher would say hi to the buffalo and then immediately say bye to them when they got too close. He sat on my lap and cracked up. It was nice to get a little special time with Fisher too!